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Leading a Workshop at Dreamtime

Please read below before submitting an application.

Note: The next deadline for workshop applications is .
Workshops submitted after the deadline will be accepted on a space available basis.

To register a Theme Camp, please go here.

Offering a workshop at Dreamtime is a great way to share your passions, wisdom, and inspiration with others. Workshops take place throughout the event in shaded structures such as the main stage, second stage, tipis, or yurts. If you have a shade structure, please consider bringing it to the event.

You are invited to take part in this experiential forum where our ever-expanding community practices freedom of expression in an environment of participation, sharing, and creativity. Dreamtime strives to create a fully participatory atmosphere of no spectators - a frame of mind and understanding that all who come through the gates will NOT come to the event with the sole intent of being entertained and provided for by others.

You, and everyone else, should arrive at the gates ready to become involved in our temporary community, to help enhance the overall experience for everyone, and with the intent to fully embrace the creative, participatory nature of the event. Dreamtime is an effort made by the community for the community; everyone involved purchases a ticket in order to support the event. Each and every one of us are students, teachers and facilitators at Dreamtime.

Key points to be aware of:

1. Everyone is required to buy their ticket to Dreamtime, even those applying for scholarships. We recommend buying your ticket early to get the lowest price possible with the early bird discount.

2. Fill out the application online: Upon acceptance, Dreamtime will contact you to let you know of your assigned time, day, and placement.

3. Confirm: You must then confirm your placement and purchase a ticket by June 1 to be included in the program. The program will then go into print, so be sure that you are 100% committed. If you cancel after you have committed, you will likely not be considered for future events.

4. Workshop leaders must show up for their scheduled workshop, and on time. It is critical that you stay in integrity with the commitment to offer a workshop. There has been too many cases in past years of workshop leaders just not showing up for their workshop, or showing up late. If this happens, you will be blacklisted to participate in the event program for all future events. We can not tolerate this sort of flakiness - it hurts the event and it disappoints the community.

5. Scholarships: The concept of participation is reflected in our approach toward participants that wish to offer workshops. We typically do not pay travel or other expenses or fees for workshop leaders at Dreamtime. If you feel that you have something to offer but cannot bring your workshop to Dreamtime without some sort of assistance, you may apply for a scholarship. You will be notified via email of the scholarship awarded. To qualify for a scholarship, you must offer a minimum of 4 hours of workshop time, preferably 2 2-hour workshops. When you have completed all of your workshops on time, you will qualify for your scholarship after the event. The scholarships for 2009 will range from $25 - $150. Dreamtime staff will verify you have completed your scheduled workshop/s at the event, and upon the completion of your scheduled workshops, will issue your scholarship after the event by sending a check in the mail. If you don’t choose the scholarship box, your ticket will go directly into supporting the organization to continue holding this event.

6. Supporting your work in the world: Dreamtime would love to support your work in the world by offering you a featured link on our website. If you have a website, please list it in your application. People looking at our links page will be able to find out more about you online. This will stay up year-round. You may also send an image if you would like us to put a picture of you or your logo on the links page. Images must be jpegs, 155x155 pixels and less than 30 KB.

7. Please consider:
- We reserve the right to cancel workshops at any time if they are found to be counter to the Dreamtime mission or highly objectionable to event participants (and not reasonably obscured from view by passers by). If you think you will be making controversial statements with your workshop, include this information with your proposal. Controversy is not grounds to deny registration, but we do want the opportunity to consider the effects of such work need for suitable placement.

- Should the state or county initiate a fire ban before or during the event, any workshops involving fire may have to be cancelled or modified. You may apply to hold a such a workshop, but we will contact you if it must be cancelled.

Please fill out the form below and the Workshop Coordinator will be in contact with you via phone and e-mail.

Dreamtime Workshop Application Form

All fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required in order to submit your form.

*Your name:

*Your address:

*Your email:

*Phone contact:

*Title of workshop:
*Type of workshop:

Website relevant to your teaching, facilitation or workshop

*How many participants can you accommodate?

*Two sentence description of your workshop for the event program (Please be succinct, clear, and to the point.):

*Brief description (may be edited and posted online).

*How much space will it require (min/max)?

*Will you be providing shade or shelter or do you wish to use a Dreamtime workshop structure (may limit availability/scheduling)?

If providing your own shade,  are you willing to share your shade/shelter with other workshop facilitators?

If you wish to use a Dreamtime structure, do you have a preference for which?  (Spirit Basin, Medicine Weaver, Soaring Angel, Oracle Tipi, or Main Stage):

*How does it fit with the theme and mission/manifesto of the festival?:

*Dreamtime is about PARTICIPATION. How is your workshop experiential and participatory? How does your workshop offer an opportunity to really *experience* your topic, beyond just lecturing? How will your workshop encourage those attending to actively participate instead of passively receiving? What kind of activities/demonstrations/paired shares/exercises/etc. will you facilitate for participants in your workshop?:

*What is your ideal scheduling? Will you be holding your workshop more than once?

*Duration or length of workshop (please provide min/max times)
(If you are on scholarship, 4 hours of workshop time is required.) 
Please be specific.  For example:  I prefer mornings, but afternoon is ok.  I can only do it on Sat and Sun, and I want to do two 2-hour workshops.

*Does it make sound? If so, how does it make sound? How loud is it?

Does it require a quieter space?
Does it require power? (not all workshop areas have power - may limit placement/scheduling)
Will you have power to share (generator, etc.)?
Would you like info on renting or sharing a cheap, non-polluting biodiesel generator or biodiesel fuel for your diesel generator?

*If your workshop were a movie, what would it be rated?

Anything else you want to tell us, special needs, details, safety and cleanup plans, etc.?

Scholarships (please read important notes about our scholarship program here):

Everyone is encouraged to participate in Dreamtime, and this includes offering a workshop to the community without "reimbursement". If you would still like to apply for a scholarship, check here and we will discuss your options:

You must have a ticket to be included in the program. Even if you apply for a scholarship, you will still be required to buy your ticket first.

* Have you purchased your ticket?
You must have a ticket to be included in the program. Even if you apply for a scholarship, you will still be required to buy your ticket. Deadline is May 1st.

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