Dreamtime Festival

Dreamtime Grant & Scholarship Program

Dreamtime is inspired by the mission and vision that we create together. The festival is open to anyone who wants to make a positive contribution. Everyone is asked to buy a ticket and come willing to contribute their best to the positive experience of all.

The grant and scholarship program was born to bring in artists in all fields who would otherwise be unable to buy their own tickets and attend. We fund projects that will further the aims of Dreamtime, that are creative, have a positive and proactive message, and encourage participation, interaction and reflection. We seek activities that are multi-disciplinary and can be experienced with multiple senses or include multiple mediums, and incite people to challenge the traditional perspective of music, teaching, learning, performance and art.

Supporting upcoming artists and visionary projects is a part of our mission, and we sometimes specifically invite cutting edge guests and performers that we feel exemplify the vision of Dreamtime. This includes professionals who rely on their art for a living and thus need financial assistance.

If you feel that you have something to offer but cannot bring your music, performance, theme camp, workshop, or art installation to Dreamtime without some sort of assistance, you may consider applying for a grant or scholarship to cover entry costs, travel expenses, materials, and so forth. Understand that available funds are limited, so only apply for the minimum that would enable you to participate.

If you are a workshop leader and are requesting a scholarship for entry into the event, you need to chose "interested in a scholarship ticket" on your workshop registration form and fill out a grant request form here.

  • Be sure you also fill out an application for a performance, theme camp, workshop or art installation.
  • Grant applications that are not accompanied by a separate registration/application for a a performance, theme camp, workshop or art installation will not be considered.
  • When you buy a ticket in essence you are giving a mini-grant to the Dreamtime organization.
  • Please consider donating to the grant and scholarship program. You can choose who or what your funds support, or we will use the donation appropriately.