Dreamtime Festival

Art Installations

Dreamtime hosts a truly diverse array of performances and art installations. Music, dance, theater, fashion/costumes, aerial ballet, projected video, sculpture, architecture, fine and fire arts are all represented. This is a playground for creativity which defies categories or description. At Dreamtime everyone participates, so come ready to treat this as your stage and canvas!  
Artists and performers of all media are welcome, especially those that are hard to fit in traditional venues. This is an ideal space for a performance or installation that directly involves the audience. One of the festival goals is to break down the barrier between creator and spectator in favor of different modes of participation.

Dreamtime is a great place for experimentation. You are going to be surrounded by creative people, people who understand that art involves a bit of gambling that doesn't always pay off. If you're trying something new, it will be appreciated. This is your creative testing grounds.




Shadow Dance     Statue




Fire Lotus's


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