Dreamtime Festival

Participating in The Dreamtime Festival

We are living and manifesting the new paradigm for festivals and gatherings. This means that we are supporting you as you step out of the role of observer into active co-creator.

Participation means bringing your inspiration and creativity to share with others at the festival as a performer, student, teacher, facilitator and witness.

Dreamtime establishes a temporary autonomous zone where radical self-expression, inclusiveness, and self-reliance are the hallmarks of its participants. Dreamtime is your opportunity to create and contribute, experience and evolve, share and accept, work and play. We will create a time to dream, a time to unfold, a time to connect and explore with others through ingenuity, art and transformation.

Dreamtime is an effort made by the community for the community. When you buy a ticket you are helping fund and support every level of this project.

Please explore the links below to find out more about how you can participate.

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